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easimask® - for all of your infection control needs

Full Support Healthcare Respirator Range


At Full Support Healthcare we believe in offering our clients a range of respirators to meet all Infection Control needs. In addition to our 4 single use FFP3 easimask® models we have a range of reusable half masks and loose fitting face pieces. 

Tight Fitting Single Use Respirators

Our FFP3 respirator masks have been designed in collaboration with theatre staff, surgeons and infection control teams to reduce the risk of respiratory problems and infection. We are committed to offering you the widest range of respirator masks, enabling you to standardise your Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to one of the most trusted brands in healthcare.

What is an FFP3?
A filtering face piece (FFP3) provides the highest levels of protection and will filter at least 99% of airborne particles. 

The benefits of easimask®
Ultrasonic welded head-strap (staple-free) designed to enhance comfort.
Valved option to reduce heat build-up. Unvalved option to protect the environment around you.
Adjustable nose clip helps provide a safe and secure seal
Available in a cone or duckbill design to fit a range of face shapes
Made from hi-tech tri-layer material, designed to reduce wearer exposure to airborne particles.
Soft polypropylene inner layer for enhanced breathability
Latex and fibreglass free so they are suitable for all staff

The reusable half mask respirator relies on the wearer’s breathing to pull the air through the filters. The mask covers the nose, mouth and the chin.  




Tight Fitting Reusable Respirators

Force8 Resuable Tight Fitting Half Mask
The mask is made with a durable thermoplastic material to help fit comfortably on the face. It has a fully adjustable 4-point cradle suspension ensuring an effective facial fit. It is an all inclusive head piece with the filters on either side of the front of the mask. The wearers chin should fit comfortably into the bottom of the respirator. To check efficiency place a piece of card in front of the filters,inhale, and respirator should contract sharply. 

Protection Level The Force8™ conforms to EN140 (face piece), EN14387:2004 (filter performance), EN143:200 (filter performance). This mask may not fit all face shapes therefore it is necessary to carry out a  ‘Face Fit Test’ to ensure the chosen mask is correct for the user.


Loose Fitting Reusable Respirators

Loose-fitting respirators do not depend on a tight seal with the face to provide protection. Therefore, they do not need to be fit tested and are suitable for healthcare workers who are unable to be fit tested with a tight fitting face piece. This could include facial hair, earrings, head scarves, wigs, facial piercings, and facial scars or disfigurements and so would require a 
loose-fitting respirator.
HSE guidance advises that the performance of tightfitting RPE facepieces requires a good contact between the wearer’s skin and the faceseal and that this “can only be achieved if the wearer is clean shaven in the region of the faceseal” therefore loose fitting face pieces are suitable for healthcare workers with facial hair

Fit testing is required when using these masks and the straps must be securely fastened. 


Scott Safety Tornado Loose Fitting Reusable Respirator 

Tornado Respiratory System by Scott Safety has a choice of powered filtered air or constant flow airline and a comprehensive range of head pieces. The Scott Tornado maximises safety and efficiency with audible and visual alarms for filter blockage and low battery warning for 15 minutes left of battery life.

Headpiece: Soft head cradle for intuitive and straightforward donning. Ulta-clear visor giving wide field of view and a clear down-view panel. Full hood design with skin-friendly neoprene chin seal.

Waist mounted filter: Lightweight, compact and unobstructive unit. 
Anti-static polypropylene construction - maintains correct airflow as the working environment changes, instantly recognises head piece type, monitors and optimises airflow accordingly. 

Protection Level: TH2 Assigned Protection Level of 20 is equivalent to an FFP3. Protecting the wearer against solid and liquid particulates (dusts, fibres, mists, fumes, bacteria and virus). Approved to Class EN14941(Approved to EN166 F). Modular filter adaptors allow the use of single, twin and triple filters according to operational requirements with the same blower system. 

Cleaning: The face shield can be wiped clean with 
anti-bacterial wet wipes ensuring no water interferes with the filter or control panel. The  impervious hood is machine washable. 

Airflow: 160 l/min of filtered air.
An audible and visual alarm will activate if the air flow decreases or if there is a blockage in the filter affecting the airflow.

Battery life: 5-8 hours with a single charge of 6 hour recharging time with a standard UK charger. Gives warning for 15 minutes left of battery life.


8hr Jetsteam Loose Fitting Reusable Respirator

Belt mounted rechargeable respirator with a large capacity disposable dust filter. Jetstream is a complete lightweight waist mounted powered air unit without the need to purchase additional extras. It has extra large capacity filters for protection from dust, particles and organic vapour hazards.

Headpiece: The PVC clear hood enables patients and staff to see into the head piece. It is easy to fit together by lining up all fins on with the corresponding holes in the power unit and push in. Rotate anti-clockwise until all fins click to the closed position.

Waist mounted filter: Lightweight and simple to use with an on/off switch located in an unobstructive area. The waist band is adjustable with added padding for back comfort. 

Protection Level: TH2 Assigned Protection Level of 20 is equivalent to an FFP3. Protecting the wearer against solid and liquid particulates (dusts, fibres, mists, fumes, bacteria and virus).  Respiratory protection provided by the unit complies with European Standard EN 12941:1999 EC Certificate Number 59716, issued by BSI Product Certification

Cleaning: To clean the head piece wipe with a damp cloth in mild detergent solution be careful not to get liquid in the filter or use anti bacterial wipes.

Airflow: 180 l/min of filtered air.
An audible  alarm will activate if the air flow decreases or if there is a blockage in the filter affecting the airflow. 

Battery life: 8 hours with 16 hours charging time. Insert charger into the jack on the rear of the unit. 


Pureflo PF23 ESM Loose Fitting Reusable Respirator

Pureflo has integrated eye, face and respiratory protection. Pureflo is lightweight and comfortable to wear. This mask is suitable for a wide range of applications in healthcare. It offers complete protection and negates the need for a clean shaven face or fit testing. 

Headpiece: Pureflo is an all inclusive head piece with the filter placed at the back of the head piece and the batteries are located within the head piece so there is no need for hoses or waist belts. The head cradle is adjustable and removable with ‘quick release’, the visor is also removable and easily reattached with poppers. A selection of neck capes are also available. 

Protection Level: Assigned protection level of 40, P3 filters and TH3P Respiratory System Classification (higher than the FFP3) with an EN812 standard bump cap and EN166 1.B.3.9. standard face shield.  There is a selection of filters available including nuisance odour filters. 

Cleaning: To clean the head piece wipe with a damp cloth in mild detergent solution, be careful not to get liquid in the filter or use anti bacterial wipes, alternatively you can purchase Purewipe antibacterial PAPR wipes.

Airflow: 170 l/min of filtered air.
A series of green and red visual lights will activate and correspond to low filter use/low battery/ blocked filter - a buzzer and audible  alarm will activate also 

Battery life: Removable batteries 8 hours battery life 7 hours charging. 


Ordering and payments:
Respirators can be ordered referencing the order codes in the table below via 
Telephone: +44 (0) 1933 672180
Fax: +44 (0) 1933 674215