Corporate & Social Responsibility



Pictured above, Sarah Stoute CEO of Full Support Healthcare who climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in 2015 to raise money for a local charity Niamh’s Next Step.
Box Rationalisation Project

At Full Support Healthcare we are always striving to ensure that we achieve optimum operational efficiencies.  By constantly reviewing our internal processes we are able to respond to the continually changing market in the most cost-effective manner possible whilst we continue to offer the highest quality products, services and support to all our customers.  One way to improve our carbon footprint is to reduce the amount of different carton sizes we currently use from over 150 down to a standard range of 16, by achieving this it will enable us to enhance our UK logistical operations and energy efficiency. 

Some of the case quantities that you purchase will change and we will send regular updates to keep you informed of the changes as they take place.  In addition to this we have made changes to our branding with new logos and GS1 barcoding but the products themselves and item price remain unchanged.  Due to the change in case quantity, however, the overall case price may go up or down.

The initial pilot phase has now been completed which saw the rebranding of the Easilite® gown range to Easilite comfort®

  • Phase 2: Planned for late 2017/early 2018 will include Easipack®.
  • Phase 3: Planned for 2018 will include Easigown®.
  • Phase 4: Planned for late 2018/early 2019 will include Easidrape®.
The Environment

Our ongoing commitment to the environment includes the reduction of emissions, optimising packaging to minimise waste, promoting internal and supplier recycling methods, and a strong focus on sustainability.
We take our responsibilities as a manufacturer and distributor very seriously and always strive to improve our practices. We are proud of our environmental initiatives which go above and beyond our statutory obligations and aim to minimize any negative impact on the environment.

One such initiative is the Green Route Project. Our commitment to sustainable operations includes the exciting project, which aims to improve carbon efficiency of FSH’s operations. In particular we are focusing on the network optimisation of our UK logistical operations, fleet renewal, energy efficiency and most importantly our customer interface by intelligent ordering.

We support British Industry by buying British where possible.

Community Links

At FSH our aim is to support local communities in as many ways as possible:

  • We actively encourage links with local educational institutions, including our involvement in the Northamptonshire County Schools Challenge
  • We have been providing work experience for a number of years to students and local school leavers

Luke Forton and James Peden have spent a busy week in August 2017 working in the marketing department at Full Support, developing a new website. Luke particularly enjoyed learning illustrator and working on the dashboard for the new website. James really liked designing the visual layout of the new site and working on the theme panel, a program he has previously used on past projects. It was a very enjoyable week working with these two budding young entrepreneurs, and we wish them great success in their future careers.