Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is essential in protecting people from harm in almost every professional industry. From Manufacturing to Agriculture, Healthcare to Construction, RPE is used to prevent potentially harmful hazards in the air from impacting your health.

While front-line healthcare professionals will likely need to use RPE for protection primarily against airborne pathogens and respiratory infections; other staff in the healthcare sector behind the scenes may need RPE for other purposes too, such as handling chemicals or using toxic cleaning agents.


Did you know…

400,000 working days are lost each year due to avoidable respiratory ill-health.


A greater understanding of the potential respiratory dangers in your workplace and how to appropriately deal with them could save thousands of people from avoidable, agonising work-related respiratory problems every year.


RPE Courses

We have a range of CPD accredited educational courses, raising awareness of potential respiratory hazards and informing of the proper application of RPE in the healthcare setting.

For more information, please visit our training website FIT4RPE.