PortaCount RPE Fit Testing in Healthcare

PortaCount Fit Testing is a robust, accurate and non-subjective method of ensuring your staff are safe from airborne viruses and bacteria when wearing RPE at work.


  • Step-by-step video instructions
  • Live Fit Check statistics
  • Cheaper on-going running costs

As no sensitivity tests are required, PortaCount Fit Testing takes roughly half the time of the Qualitative ‘taste’ test method – saving you staff time and money.


It is a legal requirement in the UK that any employee needing to wear a tight-fitting respirator be Face Fit Tested before first wearing one in the workplace.



PortaCount Fit Testing works by comparing the number of particles inside the respirator against the number of particles in the room, to see how many leak through.

This unbiased, scientifically quantifiable method of Fit Testing provides the most accurate of results every time.

Ensure your staff are secure in the knowledge that their respirator is providing the protection it should be for their role.



To book your free demonstration, please contact:
01933 672 180


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