Fit Test Kits & Accessories

Fit Test Kits

Qualitative Fit Testing can be used on what are defined as tight fitting respirators, with the exception of full face masks. Our kits are suitable for use with the following products:

  • Single use FFP3 respirator mask
  • Reusable half masks

Fit Test Kits contain a hood, nebulisers (pair) and Bitrex Fit Test and Sensitivity Test solutions.  Saccharin Fit Test and Sensitivity Test solutions are available separately.

Product FSH Code NHSSC Code
Fit Test Kit IND-119-0003 BTP203
Hood only IND-119-0004 BTP204
Nebulisers only IND-119-0005 BTP205
Qualitative Fit Test Spare Sensitivity Solutions – Bitter 6 Ampoules IND-119-0014 BTP311
Qualitative Fit Test Spare Test Solutions – Bitter 6 Ampoules IND-119-0015 BTP312
Qualitative Fit Test Kit Spare Sensitivity Solutions – Saccharin 6 Ampoules IND-119-0018 BTP316
Qualitative Fit Test Kit Spare Test Solutions – Saccharine 6 Ampoules IND-119-0019 BTP317