A new app has just been launched that hopes to transform the way Fit Testers keep records.

Made by Fit Testers for Fit Testers, the new Face Fit Test app, by Stoute Industries, has been designed to streamline and simplify the record keeping process for competent Fit Testers – featuring bespoke digital certification, aid-memoire video guides and timed reminders for exercises.

With integrated email capabilities, Fit Testers will now be able to create, sign and send branded Fit Test certificates on the go using their mobile device.


“Directing a team of professional Fit Testers, I noticed that a large chunk of their time was being taken up by paperwork,” commented Sarah Stoute, CEO of Stoute Industries. “But even when all the paperwork was finished, they were finding that people who’d been trained months before would get in touch saying they’d lost their certificates.”

In response, Sarah and her team of RPE experts brainstormed the concept of an easy-to-use phone application to simplify and digitise the recording process.


Fit Testing is a procedure in which tight-fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is assessed to ensure it provides adequate protection to its wearer. In the UK, it is a legal requirement that people in need of tight-fitting RPE be Fit Tested before wearing it in the workplace.

The app’s simple to use interface and customisable fields allow for the creation of personalised, professional certificates that can be emailed to both the tester and subject – saving competent Fit Testers time, money and frustration over lost paper records.

  • Available for iPhone and Android devices, search ‘Face Fit Test’ on the App Store or Google Play today.


  • Stoute Industries is a forward-thinking software solutions company, specialising in RPE apps, training and awareness to the Healthcare and Industrial sectors. For more information on Stoute Industries and their services, please visit the website. 
  • The Face Fit Test app is intended for competent Fit Testers only. Use of this app without prior Fit Tester training could result in inaccurate results.


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