Procedure Packs

Procedure Packs

Easipack® – Designed to work for anyone, anywhere

Easipack® essentially enables standardisation and collaborative purchasing across and between Trusts, opening the doors to significant savings and resulting in reliable, consistent supply.

Every Easipack® contains quality branded regular use items, but no contentious items. The Easipack® is built around our extensive range of Easidrape® surgical drapes which are made from advanced SpunMelt nonwoven fabrics.

Breadth of range

Covering a wide range of specialties Easipack® is available for:

  • ENT
  • Genereal Surgery
  • Gynaecology
  • Obstetrics
  • Orthopaedics
  • Plastics
  • Urology
  • Vascular

If a speciality that you are interested in is not covered above, please contact us to discuss.
We would love to work with you to look at the possibilities.

No design time – As all of the packs come ready designed you can avoid the lengthy time consuming and costly process of designing your own pack

Ease of acquisition – There is no need to tender because these Easipack® are available via all main healthcare distribution channels and on a direct supply basis

Rapid implementation – Easipack® are available ‘off the shelf’ without the long lead times associated with custom packs

Immediate cost savings – With less orders to place, less invoices to handle, less inventory, less delivery charges, improved stock turnaround and reduced waste

Supplier reliability – Easipack® are made for hospitals across the country so an increase in demand doesn’t mean a long wait for new packs

Specification form – Detailing pack name, pack components, order code and barcode to enable full tracking and traceability.

‘Easipack® has played a crucial role in assisting the centre to standardise the processes and create further efficiencies.  Their unique concept has streamlined our operations, saved money, reduced hidden costs and allowed more time for patient care.’ Steve Thomas – SWLEOC Director. more

Training & Support

Selecting the content of procedure packs can be a complex and lengthy process

How to order?

A selection of our most popular packs available can be found in our product catalogue.  For technical specifications or to discuss your individual requirements please contact us directly and one of our Easipack® specialists will be happy to assist.

Our products are available via all main healthcare distribution channels and on a direct supply basis.

Procedure Pack
Procedure Pack
Procedure Pack
Procedure Pack