Reusable Full Face Masks

Full Face Mask

A full face mask provides the ultimate in comfort and wearer appeal.  Available in three sizes and two filter fitting positions, it is also the ultimate in full face solutions for the widest variety of users and applications.

The visor provides a virtually unrestricted (98%) field of vision. It curves through both the vertical and horizontal planes and yet remains optically perfect to prevent any visual distortion. It is also hard coated as standard to provide solvent and scratch resistance for low through-life costs.

Filters sit low and close to the face, providing excellent balance and weight distribution. The face seal is Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), combining the comfort and flexibility of silicone with durability and a long service life. The face seal design provides a large contact area ensuring an efficient fit without the need to over-tighten the harness.

All these features are combined to produce exceptional comfort in use and therefore the highest level of wearer acceptance.

The Full Facemask has either a central, front fitting position or right hand side fitting position for the filter.

  • 98% normal field of vision
  • Hard coat solvent and scratch resistant visor
  • LSR silicone face seal
  • Available in three sizes
  • Front or Side fitting filter port

Protection Level

The masks are available with P3 filters for front line staff that protect against dust particles and airborne viruses. We also sell a chemical filter to meet the needs of departments where there is a need to protect against chemical fumes and vapours. Masks may not fit all face shapes therefore it is necessary to carry out a ‘Face Fit Test’ to ensure the chosen mask is correct for the user.


The respirator should be cleaned and checked for worn/damaged parts after each use. The mask body can be cleaned by using a cloth and a weak detergent solution and allowed to air dry. The seal surface should be wiped clean with a cloth and soapy water and dry at room temperature. If the filter cartridge is to be reused do not remove from respirator but clean with a cloth and warm soapy water and dried with a clean cloth. Water MUST NOT enter the filter cartridge.

Facepieces require a tight seal with the face so wearers need to be clean shaven every time they wear the respirator mask. To ensure that an adequate seal can be achieved all tight fitting facepieces require fit testing.