Full-Face Respirators

Full Face Mask

As well as our single-use Easimask® range we supply a number of reusable full-face respirator masks. Robust, cleanable and adaptable to different situations, full-face respirators are ideal for people working with chemicals or environments with disinfecting facilities that require higher levels of protection.

The integrated visor provides a virtually unrestricted (98%) field of view, as it curves through both the vertical and horizontal planes with no visual distortion.


  • 3 different sizes S/M/L to fit most face shapes.
  • Integrated visor with virtually unrestricted (98%) field of view
  • Hard coated, scratch-resistant glass
  • Ideal for tasks that require high levels of protection and/or eye protection

It is a legal requirement that an employee obliged to wear tight-fitting RPE – including reusable half-face respirator masks – must be Fit Tested before first initial use.
Anyone who wears a tight-fitting respirator should have clean shaven no less than 8 hours before the start of their shift.
All respirators should be checked for wear/damage before donning and Fit Checked once equipped. Find out more here.



Unlike single-use respirators, reusable respirator masks require separate filters in order to work. These are available in different protection levels and varieties to cover almost every situation.
For dust particles and airborne viruses, a white P3 filter will be required.
For dealing with chemicals, a chemical filter will be required.

Please consult with your hazard risk assessment and get in touch for more information.



It is vital that reusable respirators are cleaned and maintained well in order to continue being effective.

*Remove the respirator from your head carefully
*Using a cloth and weak detergent solution; wipe the respirator body clean and allow to air dry
*Using another cloth and soapy water; wipe the seal surface clean and allow to air dry
*Using a third cloth and soapy water; clean the filter and wipe dry – DO NOT allow water into the filter cartridge.
*If the filter cartridge is to be reused, do not remove

Please consult your respirator’s instructions for more information.


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