Reusable Respirators

Respiratory Protection

A half mask covers the nose, mouth and the chin where and offer respiratory protection. The reusable tight-fitting half mask respirator relies on the wearer’s breathing to pull the air through the filters. more

A full face mask provides the ultimate in comfort and wearer appeal.  Available in three sizes and two filter fitting positions, it is also the ultimate in full face solutions for the widest variety of users and applications. more

The Full Support range of powered air units are available with a variety of filters making them very versatile in the levels of protection that they can provide. They are also ideal for instances where total face protection is required or when staff are coming into contact with chemical or gases. more

Half face, full face, loose fitting : are all re-usable devices that can be used as protection against respiratory viruses they also come in different sizes. These re-usable devices would therefore need to be de-contaminated after every use and have the capability to protect the user against gases and vapours. Half and full face masks do require a fit test whereas a loose fitting hood does not require a fit test.