Reusable Respirators

Respiratory Protection

Unlike single-use respirators, which need to be disposed of immediately after use, reusable respirators may be worn multiple times and require decontamination cleaning between uses and occasional filter changes instead. Depending on the filters applied, a reusable respirator can protect the user from a wide variety of hazards beyond airborne infections including hazardous gasses and vapours.

It is important to note that all tight-fitting respirators require Fit Testing before first being used in the workplace – which includes tight-fitting half-face and tight-fitting full-face respirator masks.

Half-Face Respirator Masks

A popular choice for reusable RPE, half-face respirator masks are cheaper and lighter than full-face alternatives, while still providing the versatility of changeable filters.

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Full-Face Respirator Masks

Providing additional respiratory protection as-well as integrated eye protection; full-face respirator masks are ideal for hazards where the upmost protection is required.

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Loose-Fitting Respirators


Unlike tight-fitting RPE, loose-fitting respirators do not require Fit Testing as they do not rely on a tight seal to work. Rather, loose-fitting devices work through battery powered fans drawing contaminated air through a filter, purifying the air and then forcing it through a tube to the wearer’s hood/helmet. As the clean air is continually supplied to the hood it prevents contaminated air seeping in through the loose curtain seal around the visor.

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