RPE Kits & Grab Bags

Powered Air

Loose Fitting Respirators

Loose-fitting powered air respirators with hoods rely on enough clean air being provided to the wearer to prevent contaminant leaking in. These respirators do not require a fit test because no seal is required so are perfect for any staff with facial hair or staff who have not been fit tested or cannot achieve an adequate seal with a tight fitting face-piece.

The Full Support range of powered air units are available with a variety of filters making them very versatile in the levels of protection that they can provide. They are also ideal for instances where total face protection is required or when staff are coming into contact with chemical or gases.

We have developed three different and unique concepts for the NHS:

RPE Particular Kit
The RPE Particulate Kit – Infection control protection for individual staff members

RPE Grab Bag

The RPE Grab Bag™ – The emergency infection control solution for 24 hour patient care

RPE Chemical Kit

The RPE Chemical Kit – For protection of staff against chemical fumes and spillages

Kits contain:
  • 1 x Half-hood (2 in Grab Bag™)
  • 1 x Blower unit: microprocessor control, belt & flow tester
  • 1 x 8 hour NMH battery (2 in Grab Bag™)
  • 1 x Smartcharger
  • 1 x Fixed length PU hose (2 in Grab Bag™)
  • 1 x Storage box (Grab Bag™ come with wheeled cases)
  • 1 x Box of Particulate (P3) or Chemical (ABEKP3) filters (if ‘with filter’ option selected)

For further details, order codes and accessories please refer to the RPE section in our catalogue here

RPE Grab Bag

Please find our cleaning and maintenance guide here