Easimask® FFP3 Respirators

Single Use Respirators

Our Easimask® FFP3 respirator masks have been designed in collaboration with theatre staff, surgeons and infection control teams to reduce the risk of respiratory problems and infection. We are committed to offering you the widest range of FFP3 respirator masks, enabling you to standardise your Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to one of the most trusted brands in healthcare.

The benefits of Easimask®

  • Ultrasonic welded head-strap (staple-free) designed to enhance comfort.
  • Valved option to reduce heat build-up. Unvalved option to protect the environment
    around you.
  • Adjustable nose clip helps provide a safe and secure seal
  • Available in a cone or duckbill design to fit a range of face shapes
  • Made from hi-tech tri-layer material, designed to reduce wearer exposure to
    airborne particles.
  • Soft polypropylene inner layer for enhanced breathability
  • Latex and fibreglass free so they are suitable for all staff
  • A filltering face piece (FFP3) provides high levels of protection and will filter at least 99% of airborne particles.

HSE Guidance.

Legislation states: “An FFP3 respirator should be worn by frontline staff when carrying out a potentially infectious aerosol‑generating procedure. Where a patient is known/suspected to have an infection spread via the aerosol route or when caring for patients known/suspected to be infected with a newly identified respiratory virus.”

HSE (OC282/28) state that it is a legal requirement that anyone required to wear a respirator mask is fit tested in order to check that an adequate seal can be achieved. It is important to note that fit testing is model and brand specific and needs to be carried out by a qualified trainer. Our highly qualified team of trainers who are all Fit2Fit accredited provide  Fit Tester training workshops to all Trusts who standardise with Easimask®

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust recently standardised to the Easimask® FFP3 Respirator, manufactured and supplied by Full Support Healthcare Ltd (FSH).  This has proven to be a highly successful project for our Trust. more

Download the Single Use FFP3 Respirators for Infection Control Poster for Cone or Duckbill.

FFP3 Cone Valved
FFP3 Cone Non-Valved
FFP3 Duckbill Valved
FFP3 Duckbill Non-Valved
Classification Shape Valved / Unvalved Filtration Qty per box Qty per case Inner Box Dimessions Case Dimenssions FSH Code NPC
FFP3 Cone Unvalved >99% 10 180 14x13x20 30×40.6×62 FSM15 BTP076
FFP3 Duckbill Unvalved >99% 30 240 26.7×21.5×10 28.5x45x42.5 FSM16 BTP059
FFP3 Duckbill Valved >99% 20 160 26.7×21.5×10 28.5x45x42.5 FSM14 BTP148
FFP3 Cone Valved >99% 10 180 14x13x20 30×40.6×62 FSM09 BTP150