Single-Use Respirators

Single Use Respirators

Easimask® FFP3 Respirators

Designed in collaboration with theatre staff, surgeons and infection prevention teams across the UK; our single-use Easimask® FFP3 respirator range comes in a variety of different styles to ensure a good fit and reduce the risk of respiratory hazards in the healthcare environment.

Through creating a range of Easimask® models and supporting every sale with bespoke training from our professional fit2fit accredited trainers; the Easimask® has become one of the most trusted brands in healthcare – with 95% of NHS Trusts in England using Easimask®.


  • 3 styles to ensure a suitable fit for all face shapes: Duckbill, Cone and Custom-fit
  • FFP3 grade – providing maximum particle protection filtering over 99% of airborne particles
  • Available in valved and unvalved.
  • Unique tri-layer design to reduce wearer exposure
  • Latex and fiberglass free
  • Staple free design for enhanced comfort

*It is a legal requirement that an employee obliged to wear tight-fitting RPE – including the Easimask® range – must be Fit Tested before first initial use.
*Anyone who wears a tight-fitting respirator should have clean shaven no less than 8 hours before the start of their shift.
*All respirators should be checked for wear/damage before donning and Fit Checked once equipped.

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Download the Single Use FFP3 Respirators for Infection Control Poster for Cone or Duckbill.

FFP3 Cone Valved
FFP3 Cone Non-Valved
FFP3 Duckbill Valved
FFP3 Duckbill Non-Valved
Classification Shape Valved / Unvalved Filtration Qty per box Qty per case Inner Box Dimessions Case Dimenssions FSH Code NPC
FFP3 Cone Unvalved >99% 10 180 14x13x20 30×40.6×62 FSM15 BTP076
FFP3 Duckbill Unvalved >99% 30 240 26.7×21.5×10 28.5x45x42.5 FSM16 BTP059
FFP3 Duckbill Valved >99% 20 160 26.7×21.5×10 28.5x45x42.5 FSM14 BTP148
FFP3 Cone Valved >99% 10 180 14x13x20 30×40.6×62 FSM09 BTP150
FFP3 Custom Unvalved >99% 10 120 28x14x13 29.3×40.6×57 FSM18 TBC
FFP3 Custom Valved >99% 10 120 28x14x13 29.3×40.6×57 FSM17 TBC


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