UK Modern Slavery Act

Modern Day Slavery

Labour Standards Assurance Scheme and UK Modern Slavery Act

One year on from the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act, the issue of slavery and human trafficking remains high on the agenda for Government and businesses alike. Modern day slavery affects 36 million around the world and is a growing issue and at Full Support we are clearly committed to making a difference. 

We are working in conjunction our main suppliers to implement and maintain an effective Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS). Developed in conjunction with the Department of Health back in 2012, this assurance System covers the range of policies, procedures and practices that an organisation employs to identify labour standards issues, mitigate risk and drive improvements. It builds on the principles of due diligence, extending this to routine consideration of labour standards – particularly important for suppliers doing business in countries where there is evidence of non-compliances and abuse such as forced or bonded labour.

Since the passing of the UK Modern Slavery Act in 2015, we have taken steps to raise awareness of the issues of human trafficking and forced labour with our suppliers. Over the past year we have educated 100% of our staff team on the Labour Standards Assurance Scheme & the UK Modern Slavery Act and only trade with ethical trading partners.

View our LSA Policy.