Winter Flu Planning

No need to worry about running out of respirator stock during the winter flu season – Full Support can now offer a storage service for emergency respirator stock.


  • All emergency stock will be fully insured and stored in an allocated space in our Northamptonshire warehouse.

  • Respirator masks can be shipped to you as and when required to cover all emergency situations.

  • Emergency same day deliveries can be accommodated if required.

  • Easimask® FFP3 respirators have a maximum shelf life of 6 years so if stock is not required this winter it can be stored until needed.

  • You can top up your stock at any time giving you the assurance that your Trust has got winter flu covered.

Call now on 01933 672180 to discuss your winter flu emergency respirator storage requirements.

FFP3 Cone Valved
FFP3 Cone Non-Valved
FFP3 Duckbill Valved
FFP3 Duckbill Non-Valved
Classification Shape Valved / Unvalved Filtration Qty per box Qty per case Inner Box Dimessions Case Dimenssions FSH Code NPC
FFP3 Cone Unvalved >99% 10 180 14x13x20 30×40.6×62 FSM15 BTP076
FFP3 Duckbill Unvalved >99% 30 240 26.7×21.5×10 28.5x45x42.5 FSM16 BTP059
FFP3 Duckbill Valved >99% 20 160 26.7×21.5×10 28.5x45x42.5 FSM14 BTP148
FFP3 Cone Valved >99% 10 180 14x13x20 30×40.6×62 FSM09 BTP150


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